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Wish Upon a Star [entries|friends|calendar]
Missa ♥

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[27 Oct 2011|03:20pm]
Talon Daniel


7lbs 3oz

19 3/4in long

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[07 Aug 2010|10:18pm]
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[31 Jul 2010|11:13am]
Happy 21st birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D
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[02 Jul 2010|05:57pm]
Todays been so bipolar. Extreme highs and lows. Garrrr. I was so happy and excited because one of my best friends is supposed to be coming to town soon. And then Danny realized I never gave him his wallet back after we went to the movies. I'm guessing its hopelessly lost now, people aren't nice enough in Owings Mills to give shit to the lost and found. I feel like such a dunce. I'm so absent minded, I royally offended a good 10 people when I didn't send them invitations, so now important people arent coming. I feeeeel like crying. SKFja;lsdkfja;lkwj. That is all.
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[25 Feb 2010|10:48pm]
So this evening Danny was cleaning out the storage room at Beccas since we're moving back in with my mom for a bit. Well he found a few things of mine and told me to come get them. He had for me my freshman yearbook, senior proofs, and a bag of old notes from Camp Louise.

Inside the bag of notes was an email (my only email) from my daddy. It just told me how much he loves me, misses me, and can't wait to see me. If that wasn't enough to make me a total sap and start bawling, I noticed the day it was sent. It was sent on August 13. Thats mine and Dannys wedding anniversary. It means a lot to me and it came at a great time. Thank you daddy.
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[06 Nov 2009|09:21am]
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[30 Oct 2009|02:04pm]
Last night = Voodoo Blue reunion show.
I saw a plethora of people I haven't seen in years =] ♥
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[20 Oct 2009|12:44pm]
Orpheus saturday night. You should be there.
I have a babysitter for once and I'd like to go out and people actually be there.
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[16 Sep 2009|11:42am]
So Danny didn't get that promotion. Which sucks. He's in a terrible mood and hes going to take it out on his boss at work today :/ In better news though we have a tasting for the caterer for our wedding next year. Its a bridal showcase with lots of other vendors and stuff too. Hopefully it'll lighten Dannys mood =[
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[26 Aug 2009|01:44pm]
Why do boys have to be so obnoxiously irritating and stupid. Pleh.
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[25 Aug 2009|12:53pm]
Needs to win the lottery.
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[22 Aug 2009|04:56pm]
Danny and I got married on the 13th. Since then I have come to the realization that I have no moneys. And that doesn't make me very happy.

However, my mother told me that when my daddy died the money I was recieving from the government had all gone into my bank account in a monthly deposit. This was not quite the truth. As apparently only HALF of my monthly payment was made to my bank account and my mommy stashed the other half. I always thought the other money she told me I had was in my school fund that would take loads of taxes if I tried to move it. Well long story short I'm going to withdraw some of the money daddy left me and use that towards the wedding, that way it is sorta like an offbeat versions of the brides father paying. Aside from that little bit of savings, I'm pretty much broke. WOOHOO.

Now if only the stock market would go back up and the money in the Dominican would thaw (become unfrozen).
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[10 Aug 2009|01:29pm]
OMG its affordable and totally in our price range! We're gonna set up a walk through!! *YAY*
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[10 Aug 2009|12:48pm]
I found my ideal wedding location for next years ceremony. The likelihood that its in my price range is lie .1 percent but I can hope! lmao. For those in baltimore area, you may know of Westminster Hall. Its Edgar Allan Poes final resting place and that of many of the Baltimore elite. They have a fabulous ballroom just the size I need and they'd be willing to give tours of the catacombs. It would be amazing. But I can't imagine it being cheap enough for us to afford it. But this is now my dream location. I'd still be happy with the 1840's ballroom but this one just takes the cake.
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[08 Aug 2009|10:18am]
Getting married in 5 days =] As soon as the legal ceremony is done I can finally start planning the big ceremony and reception for next year. Excitttttiiiiiiiing! ♥
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[30 Jul 2009|11:33am]
[ mood | angry ]

Today feels like I should be more joyous than I am. But as it turns out once again my family sucks at life. Lets go on a rant shall we?

I'm upset with my sister for the following reasons
1. She was supposed to be my maid of honor but wouldn't plan a bachelorette party for me unless it was like.. a thursday when she had off of work. Too bad normal people have theirs on weekends. Obviously work is more important.
2. I planned my own bachelorette party with some friends. She, to reiterate, will not take off of work to attend. She's known about this for months.
3. She told me I couldn't use her house to have my legality of a wedding ceremony at her house where I pay to live. A place thats been my home since I was pregnant. Really appreciate that. Apparently its a bad omen or a curse or some nonsense on her house because she thinks we aren't going to work.
4. Complete lack of support of ANY choices I EVER made.
5. She thinks I'm not as good as her because I am not in school like she is. News flash, I do not want to be you, or anything relatively close. If you saw your life from the outside, I doubt you'd want it so badly either.
6. Gym Class Heroes (edens godfather is the singer). Well they had a show a few days ago. I've hardly missed any shows for any reason. For my 18 birthday my sister paid for me to go to australia so we could see them. However now when I asked her if she had gotten in touch with them for tickets she would say no she hadn't heard from them. She told that to multiple people not just me. Well my friend Christine texted me saying "i see eden and becca" well guess where the fuck she was. Yep that concert. Regardless of the fact that I have a bad memory if BIG if I told you I didn't want to go, WHY WOULD I KEEP FUCKING ASKING. Why would you LIE?! If you know I have a bad memory? And then to get mom to believe you to the point that shed tell me to go get my head checked out rather than to believe you would lie?!?!?! What the hell is wrong with you you BITCH.

I'm sure I could come up with more but I think those six is plenty to get my point across.

So to conclude: I don't care what you think of Danny, or me, or my life, leave me the hell alone. Thankyou. I can't wait to move out. But now I'm not so happy to be moving in with Mom if youre going to manipulate her like fucking crazy. By the way, you own a house, LIVE IN IT.

OH AND MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW. Happy fucking birthday eh?

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[24 Jul 2009|08:36pm]
My most favorite picture (that I've found so far) from the Death Note photoshoot on Saturday evening at Otakon.

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[19 Jul 2009|09:16pm]
I don't know how I didn't see you at all this weekend Erica :( All my picatures are online on facebook and myspace. Mores to come!
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[16 Jul 2009|10:10am]
Apparently my sister is extremely opposed to my paper signing nonsense of a legal wedding to happen at her house. Our marriage is a bad omen or something in her head because shes convinced its not going to work out because dannys ignorant and I'll be miserable or some nonsense. Also I'm too young and rushing into it? I don't think its considered rushing just because you're not 35. Gar. People suck. The only reason I was going to do it at this house was because my mother threw a hissy fit about going to Glen Burnie for it (a whole 25 minute freaking drive). Well now I really don't have a choice. I can't wait until I can get out of this living situation. I love having so much support from those closest to me *ROLLS EYES* Dx
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[11 Jul 2009|03:55pm]
I changed my mind. I am gonna cosplay this year. Its going to be half assed cause I didn't start planning it til today but luckily I have most of the stuff already. So I'm going as someone who struck my fancy. I also was super amused because her name is Misa. (Get it, Missa... Misa..? BAhah I don't give you guys enough credit) Misa Amane from Death Note. Yep yep. Blonde in pigtails with Lolita style clothing and combat boots. All of which I have. I ordered a few "accessories" though and I had to rush order them. Sigh. I got her necklaces and one of the death note notebooks :) I'm working on the arm warmers now I have the PERFECT lace for them so I'm excited. Now if I could just find my damned sewing kit. Fuck my life. I'm gonna have to improvise lmao <3
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